What Does A Severe Storm Watch Or Warning Mean?

By admin
Date Jul 02

Often times, we may see the phrase “Severe Storm Watch” or “Severe Storm Warning” flash across the news screen. Although these two sayings have similarities, they do not mean the same thing. Severe Storm Watch A severe storm watch means that there is a strong potential for a severe storm to develop. Strong winds and [...]

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How A Severe Thunderstorm Spawns A Powerful Tornado

By admin
Date May 06

The earth rotates every 24 hours. While it rotates air is moved, warmed and cooled. The edge where a large mass of cold air contacts a large mass of warm air is unstable. Along the edge is where severe thunderstorms form. Warm humid air rises. It contracts and forms clouds which can reach 50,000 feet [...]

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What Are The Various Types Of Severe Storms?

By admin
Date May 03

When it comes to a severe storm, there are different types. These storms can cause various degrees of damage, and they can strike at any time of the year. Each season has its own worries with severe storms, and you need to know what each one is about. In the spring, warm weather fronts meet [...]

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Where To Find Shelter When Stuck In A Storm

By admin
Date May 02

When there is a storm approaching, you need to find somewhere safe to seek shelter. The type of shelter will depend on the storm that occurs. An ordinary thunderstorm is usually nothing to worry about. You should unplug appliances and stay away from windows, but you will probably be safe inside any building. However, if [...]

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Signs That A Severe Storm Is Approaching You

By admin
Date May 01

While you are outside mowing the yard, you notice that something is not quite right. A storm seems to be approaching, but you really don’t know what to look for. There are some signs that you should not ignore when it comes to severe weather. If it has been warm during the day and it [...]

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How Does A Meteorologist Track A Severe Storm?

By admin
Date Apr 28

Have you ever wondered how meteorologists know that a severe storm system is approaching? There are several things to consider in order to determine when and where storms might hit. It is not an exact science, but with the advancement of technology, it is getting easier to predict where storms might occur. The first thing [...]

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